Teatrul Apropo

A Trip with Urmuz

"A Trip With Urmuz" - a play by Radu Popescu inspired by "Weird Tales" by Urmuz and texts of Romanian avant-garde in the first half of the 20th century.

Director: Radu Popescu

Design: Marian Văsii

Music: Alexandru Suciu

Light Design: Ştefan Vasilescu

Distribution: AnaMaria Olaş, Tamara Roman, Alexandra Hera Zăuleţ, Radu Mateucă, Teodor Ghiță, Dumitru Georgescu, Oleg Apostol.

Duration: 2:00 hours (no pause)

Release date: September 26, 2016

A fantastic adventure in the world of avant-garde and surrealism of the early 20th century.

A production TEATRUL.RO Association financed by EEA Grants and Government of Romania, Romanian Cultural Institute.

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About the characters that Urmuz built in his "Strange Stories" it was said that are strange mixtures between animals and machinery.

When a temporal vortex takes him into this imaginary world - a young man lacking moral and cultural landmarks of 2016's Bucharest meets these surreal world and heroes. Urmuz's characters create an odd menagerie where the strangest impulses and reactions are mixed: violence with tenderness, animal ferocity with shyness, aberrant sexuality with spiritual aspirations.

What is striking in this world is the intensity of mechanical and anthropomorphic feelings and reactions, cruelty and indifference, sensory acuity of the environments where they spin. We found in this "world of a book" landmarks for deciphering vices of life in a big city 100 years after.

It is said that in the last moments before death You can review your life. Our show wants to describe a bizarre world which Urmuz would have imagined for an Anonymous contemporary person before shoot a bullet in the head in a park in Bucharest , for reasons still unknown to this day (real fact).

The theatre play uses texts from a large panel of avant-garde and surrealist Romanian authors from the early 20th Century: from Tristan Tzara, Urmuz, Eugen Ionescu thorough Ion Vinea, Stephane Roll, Grigore Cugler, Geo Bogza, Johnathan X. Uranus to contemporary Gellu Naum.