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The Will

What if a good friend wants to commit suicide?
How do you help?
It's possible a love relationship between people who have opposing beliefs about life and death?
About God?
What lies Beyond?
Do we have answers prepared in advance?

When a young debutante lawyer meets and befriends a nonconformist IT woman hiding a sad past, all these issues come to light gradually.

The creators of the show have put themselves these questions many times during the rehearsals. These are very actual problems of Romanian contemporary society. Hopefully the spectators of this theatre production will find their own answer according to their set of values ​​and beliefs.

Theater for the soul, made with soul. Deep and meant to makes one think.

A statement against superficiality in theater.
This show is about important things and thoughts that we encounter in life. It is not a frothy comedy, "extraordinary", "sensational" - even if sometimes we smile. ”The Will” is not some easy entertainment, nor a celebrity show.
But it is an experience that can change your soul or beliefs. A show about tolerance and intolerance, solitude, depression and suicide. Some words and attitudes that follows you after you leave the room, as it should be all theater performances.
I believe theater should not be a comfortable entertainment, but a memorable experience. Because our lifetime is measured and its hourglass does not return.
Radu Popescu

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What is ”The Will”?

"It is among my playwritings maybe the dearest, most importantly - due to personal emotional load that I translated in words on paper.
I received many feedbacks from the moved spectators and now I am convinced now (at the third stage version) that is also a very successful story, which can have a strong impact on the audience."

What is ”The Will” about?

"It's about how we pass over the loss of a loved one. Or we don't.
It's about how our beliefs (however these may be) influence our lives and the destiny of those around us."

What's the message to the public of ”The Will” ?

"I wish that one can extract their own message accordingly to their own beliefs and philosophy of life although I wish that precisely these beliefs to be slightly shaken by watching the show.
This already happened, to my great joy. to my great joy. The messages and feed-backs after every representation were overwhelming. We had very moved fans and also people that leave the venue during the show, as a protest.
That is what I would like - that people come with an open heart to the theater.
We, all artists in the project, worked on this production with our best and we hope that our work will be received the same way. "

Radu Popescu, director and playwright of the show

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